2 Months to Go

Training  Round Up (10 days to 5th July)

  • Distance cycled: 126.5 km
  • Time on bike: 5 hours 23 minutes*
  • Total elevation gain: 823m

26 June

Spent an hour in the gym doing a high rep, short rest circuit focussing on the upper-body (Press Ups, TRX rows, semi-headstand push up, dips and pull ups) as well as a quick core circuit. Apart from developing muscle endurance, really gets the heart going.

27 June

Went for an easy 1 hour 10 minute run covering 11.3 km. Last long run before my 10 km race in July.

28 June

Due to the weather (typical that it’s a wet day after a warm sunny week), I decided to cycle some laps of Regent’s Park. It’s about 11 km to Regent’s Park and I did 7 laps (4.5 km) of Regent’s Park in total. Each lap was an interval so in the first lap I took it easy, second I went hard and so on. In total I cycled 52.2 km over 2 hours 16 minutes*. I even set a PB on a lap around Regent’s Park (8 minutes 43 seconds), although I’m only 6,281 out of 10,464 per Strava. Got absolutely drenched on the way home.

30 June

Commuted to the gym on the commuter bike. Under 40 minutes each way covering just over 27 km in total. Also did some interval runs on the treadmill (20s rest, 40s sprint at 15.5 km/h). Only managed 15 minutes (had planned 30 minutes) as it was so hot in the gym.

1-3 July

Away in the Cotswold’s (not that we have any time to actually explore) on training. I would like to come back as it looked great for cycling, plenty of rolling hills.

I did manage to get twice into the gym. First evening I did a 30 minute bodyweight circuit focussing on the legs, consisting of various explosive and static movements (high rep, short rest) and finished with a quick core circuit. Legs felt seriously heavy after that.

Second evening planned to run for 30 minutes at a 12.5 km/h pace. Worryingly I could only manage 15 minutes again (I just felt shattered), although I wasn’t sure if it was due to the heat, the workout the evening before or the crap I’d been eating. I had promised myself that I’d eat healthy this time around (I’d been out there for training two weeks before as well), but it’s hard when there’s coffee and diet coke on tap, as well as loads of unhealthy food. Yes they did have fruit, but I just couldn’t say no to the different themed food assortment at each break! I at least managed to get a good amount of sleep compared to last time.

4 July

Went for an easy 45 minute run, essentially starting to taper for my 10 km race next weekend. Although I took it easy, running consistently at 10.1 km/h, I felt good (thankfully) compared to my last run, even though it was warm (low 20’s). Due to the pace I forced myself to run at I only covered 7.6 km. I’m targeting 10 km in just under 45 minutes next week, but unsure whether that’s realistic in the shape I’m currently in.

5 July

As I could only afford to cycle 2 hours at most, I decided to target a hilly route into Hertfordshire. I pushed myself hard going up each hill and recorded PBs on most hills (per Strava), although my legs were sore by the end. I gained elevation of 413 m over 47 km (1 hour 50 minutes), as I picked some of the steeper hills in Herts, but I’m definitely going to need to venture elsewhere if I want to get some serious hills in the legs before September.

* Auto-pause was turned off on the Garmin so time kept on running even when I wasn’t moving at the traffic lights etc.

2 Months to Go

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